Become the Ultimate Bowling Champion

Become the Ultimate Bowling Champion

Join one of our bowling leagues

Are you trying to find a new hobby to occupy your free time? Why not join a bowling league? Cold Spring Bowling Lanes welcomes both newer and advanced bowlers to sign up with us.

We have a...

Women's league
Men's league
Co-ed league
Youth league

We're a league-focused bowling alley. Call 320-685-8150 now to ask about our league start times.

Take your bowling game to the next level

If you want to improve your bowling game, joining a league is a surefire way to hone your skills. Here are some other great benefits of joining a bowling league:

You'll get in some low-impact exercise and tone your muscles
You'll make lasting friendships with fun and interesting people
You could make a little money if your league wins competitions

The best reason to join a bowling league? It's fun! Contact us today to get more information about our leagues.

Join A League!